1. Submission of the abstract is entirely online, via the MUTAGEN-2021 website.

  2. The author presenting the scientific work must be registered for the event and, if affiliated, be up to date with the payment of the annual fee of MutaGen-Brasil.

  3. The abstract of the work should be sent only electronically, and in PDF or WORD format as attachment below, for download.

                             Downloadable sample file


  4. Abstracts containing less than 250 words will not be accepted. It must be between 250 and 400 words, not considering the title, authors and institution.

  5. Project descriptions, scientific work intentions, bibliographic reviews will not be accepted.

  6. The abstract must be written in English.

  7. Scientific works must be submitted to one of the following areas: 


   Genotoxic risk assessment and public health

   Carcinogenesis / Oncogenetics

   Germ cells and hereditary effects


   Applied Toxicology Genetics

   Genomic Instability

   Environmental Mutagenesis


   DNA Repair

   Toxicogenomics and Bioinformatics

   8. The participant may register and submit only 1 paper, and may be co-author of other abstracts.

   9. The Scientific Committee of the Event will analyze the submitted abstract and the result will be available the registrant area.

   10. The analysis will cover the following aspects: clearly defined relevant objectives, appropriate methodology, clearly presented results, and        relevant conclusions.

   11. The quality of the text (grammar, spelling and typing) is the responsibility of the author and will be considered as an evaluation point by the      Scientific Committee.​

    12. The deadline for submission of the abstract will be Oct/8/2021. After this date, abstract submission forms will be blocked.

    13. The approved abstracts will be available on the Event website for access by all participants.

    14. Only one certificate will be issued for each accepted and submitted abstract. It will contain the title of the scientific work, the name of the         author and all co-authors according to the names submitted in the system.

    15. The abstract must be prepared in Word for Windows, with Arial font, size 11, simple spacing between lines and justified paragraph.