THE COMMITMENT NOTES will be received until 30/Aug/2021.

  1. Complete the registration form on the event website.

  2.  The participant must send the information below to the email

    - Contact of the financial sector of the institution (Name, E-mail, Full address, CNPJ of the paying institution and Telephone).

    - Name of participants, already registered in the system, who will have their subscriptions paid for Commitment Note

   3. After the payment of the Commitment Note, the paying institution must send the proof of payment to the email so that the debit can be written off in the system. The respective receipt will be sent by email.


     ·  Commitment Notes that do not comply with the above conditions will not be considered.

     ·   If there is no receipt of the Commitment Note by the date stipulated in the previous terms, the registrant must make the respective payment at the time of their accreditation, according to their category and the amount in force at the time of payment.