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Message from the President


In 2021, MutaGen-Brasil will hold its 15th Congress in a totally virtual way, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the importance of the United Nations 2030 agenda, the event’s theme will be: MutaGen 2021: expanding connections to a sustainable planet. With this theme, we want to show not only the existing connections between our associates with several researchers from all over the planet, but above all provide new connections, bringing new researchers, and new areas. Each symposium will reflect an area of activity of our Association (Evaluation of genotoxic risk and public health, Carcinogenesis / Oncogenetics, Germ cells and Hereditary Effects, Epigenomics, Applied Toxicological Genetics, Genomic Instability, Environmental Mutagenesis, Nutrigenomics, DNA Repair, Toxicogenomics and Bioinformatics) and will include foreign, national, and young researchers. A virtual event, we know, weakens the contact network. However, we will have scientific happy hour sessions to allow the discussion of ideas, joint proposals, and exchanges of students and professionals in a more informal way. Because we believe that education and science are the basis for a sustainable life, the programming of this event, in addition to the classic scientific activities around the areas comprehended by our Association, will have two novelties: MutaGen School will be open to the general public and aimed to children and their parents, and a Science and Art session. We want to show young students how beautiful and fascinating science is, how important it is for solving problems, making life on our planet sustainable, and that science is not done alone, but as a team. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the XV MutaGen 2021 Congress, I would like to welcome all participants, as well as to thank for all the scientific and logistical contributions that made this Congress happen. Stay all safe and healthy, come and enjoy our event!